Grow your business by maximising the use of your data with Myda Business Manager.  From automating workflows, tracking inventory, reducing downtime to customer retention, evolve business connectivity across all of your touch points.

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Enterprise level services

Everything you need from inventory management, customer management, promotions and more

Manage Stores

Create and share your store information with your customers to bring them to your store - connect with customers to sell in-store, online & mobile.

Create Touchpoints

Create touchpoints to engage with customers in-store, online & mobile to sell anywhere, anytime. Touchpoint types include POS, kiosk, online & create your own.

Create Promotions

Give your customers incentives to keep coming back with targeted promotions, discounts and special offers based on their shopping history.

Manage Expenses

Don't miss a payment - manage all your expenses in one place and gain access to a bird eye view of how much you are paying out and to whom.

Supplier Management

Connect with your suppliers, automate your purchasing and share your goals to identify and maximise mutual benefits.


Automate order fulfilment, procurement and business process to run a efficient business - reducing cost, human error and improving your bottomline.

Manage Warehouses

Create warehouses to streamline your shipping, receiving, picking, packing, and returns in using the connected warehouse management system.

Manage Inventory

Feature-packed modular inventory for joint-channel operations for businesses of all sizes. Choose modules required to build your ideal, connected inventory.

Manage Orders

Instantly see how much you received in sales across all of your channels & touch points, how much you paid out from anywhere, anytime

Customer Management

Manage your customers based on behaviour to deliver personalised services, targeted promotions and sell faster and smarter.


Manage your chart of accounts efficiently and automatically log transactions to respective accounts to efficiently manage your books.

Payment Integrations

Connect your payment gateway accounts to process payments for your orders in a few simple steps. Contact us for available integrations.