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Make your data work for you

Collaborate & share predictive intelligence with teams to drive business growth.
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Mohammad Iqbal

CEO, FatBoyz, United Kingdom.

Gives us the intelligence & predictions to grow and deliver personalised experiences across all channels

Designed to work together to drive growth

Empower everyone with relevant and predictive information to give them a complete view to deliver better experience and performance.

Any Data, Any Source, Anytime

Create and view actionable insights anywhere, anytime using all of your from transactional, customer, inventory, supplier to footfall data and market data. Collaborate and share intelligence with your team to create data driven culture and drive growth.

Predictive Intelligence

Understand trends within your organisation and get access to predictive intelligence about factors from Stock, footfall, customers and others that can impact your business performance and have a knock on effect on ur bottomline.

Workboard & Data Widgets

Give your team access to actionable insights and tools to help them act on those insights to prevent loss of opportunities, increase sales and drive growth from anywhere, anytime.

Put intelligence in everyone's hand to grow

Give access to everyone at every level the insights and notifications the moment a change takes place that can have a knock on effect on your bottomline.

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Everything you need to get more from data

Use your data organised in Myda Business Manager or connect to any source and make informed decisions quickly.

Find Answers Faster

Find answers to key factors such as stockout that drive growth with the help of predictive intelligence.

Collaborate & Share

Create sharable dashboards with meaningful insights and predictions and share it with team members to help them find answers quickly.

Turn intelligence in to Action

Drive business decisions across your business from stores to warehouses with actionable insights in a click.

Understand Trends

Get a complete picture of how performance indicators change over time that impact your business.

Deeper Understandings

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, inventory items, staff performance and more in a single view.

Access Anywhere

Let your team access relevant insights anywhere, anytime to make the right decision at the right time.

We believe businesses must empower their people with relevant information at the right time and place to drive sustainable growth. We will help you get the most out of your data, understand market trends and insights from anywhere, anytime.

Start growing your business with myda

With tools to make every part of your business connected, become data centric and grow with a support team excited to help you, getting started with myda is simply a few clicks away.