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Myda Assistant

Helps you Put intelligence in everyone's hand to grow

Get Notified the moment a change takes place

Stay connected to your business, stores and people at all times and be informed of changes take place across your business that can have an impact on your bottomline

Get Answers

Get answers to your questions about your business performance on the go, anywhere, anytime and stay connected to your business and store at all times.

Control your business

Stay in control of your business with real-time access to information collaborate with colleagues, advisors and consultants you work with.

Prevent Theft

Get notified at the moment a product or an is voided in a store or a cash drawer is opened with out a sale to prevent loss of revenue.

Get Help Anytime, Anywhere

Get all the help you need anytime, anywhere, use our live chat, request a call back options to speak to us or raise a ticket.

Designed to empower everyone

With Myda Assistant, you can get to know the trends in your business, who is doing what, the overall performance of your business and the underlying factors driving the changes anywhere, anytime.