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Intelligence and predictions anywhere, anytime and with any data, from sales, purchases, product, pricing, customer interactions to footfall.

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Collaborate and give access to insights and predictions anywhere, anytime.

Access myda insights from any device to keep your team informed while on the go with all the necessary intelligence and updates.

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Connect all supported data from cloud and on-premises. Offer meaningful analytics and relevant & predictive information to your internal and external colleagues with total confidence to grow your business.

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Get deeper into facts that can help you personalise experience and increase your revenue, profitability and customer retention.

Success Stories

Myda platform is not only very user friendly & simple but could scale from POS through to supply chain, warehousing, customer orders, procurement, accounting and much much more and provide us the intelligence, updates and predictions real time.
Mohammed Iqbal
Managing Director, Fat Boyz
Has made the sales process slicker and more efficient, keeping our customers’ waiting time minimal and allowing our staff to attend to the next customer much quicker.
Zaneta Tracz
Employment Project Operational Lead, East London NHS Foundation Trust