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Business Manager

Everything you need to run a profitable & connected store.

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Intuitive & feature rich services that put you in control of your business & data

Grow your business by maximising the use of your data with Myda Business Manager.  From automating workflows, tracking inventory, reducing downtime to customer retention, evolve business connectivity across all of your touch points.

Connected Commerce

Connect with your customers, suppliers & staff across all touch points and give them access to the right information at the right time to ensure sustainable growth.

Helps you scale and grow.

Bring all the tools your business require, your staff, and data together to be able to deliver your customers the great experiences they demand and grow your business.

Manage your staff efficiently

Bring all of your staff together into a single platform, give them access to only what they need to ensure an efficient business operation.


Automate your processes to fit your business operation. With workflows, you can tailor the processing of Purchase Orders, Customer Orders and more.

Mohammad Iqbal

CEO, FatBoyz, United Kingdom.

Gives us the intelligence & predictions to grow and deliver personalised experiences across all channels

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You will stay connected and be in control of your business at all times, your cashiers and other staff will have all the information they need to engage with customers and sell more anywhere, anytime.

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All in one Platform with all the tools you need

Feature-packed modular inventory for businesses of all sizes

Ensure products you sell are consistently available at the right time and place to minimise out of stock and over stock situations.

Flexible Price Management

Price your products based on order types and locations to be able to offer your customer competitive pricing against your online and offline competitors.

Up-sell with Add-ons

Let your staff and customers see options available to purchase or options to modify each product you sell to increase up-selling.

Product Builder

Manage your recipes and production goods to optimise stock control, reduce loss of inventory and theft across your business.

Allergy Management

Let your staff and customers see the allergen information of each and every product you sell, ingredients you use to produce your products and more.

Style Management

Create and manage your own styles of products you produce and sell to optimise your inventory tracking and stock control.


Configure and add the modules you need for your business to ensure all relevant and required information is captured.

Keep your customers coming back and retain them.

Give your customers incentives to keep coming back with targeted promotions, discounts and special offers based on their shopping history.

$ / % Discount

Offer customers a fixed % discount or a fixed $ value discount .

Meal Deals

offer customers meal deal promotions to increase sales and automate the application of it.

Multi Buy

offer customers any 5 for £5.00 or two for £2.00 kind of promotions.

Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)

Offer customers buy one get one free or buy 3 get one free or buy 3 for 2 offers

CRM redefined to help you deliver personalised experiences

Manage your customers based on behaviour to deliver personalised service and sell faster and smarter.

Personalise to Grow

Manage your customers based on their preferences and behaviours to deliver what they want, whenever and wherever they want them.

In-Store, Online & Mobile

Offer your customers seamless and connected experiences across all channels and touch points.

On-Demand Support

Give your customers access to personalised information across all touch points to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

360 Degree View of Customers

Understand your customers and their relationship with your business, products and channels to increase sales.

Build a long lasting and profitable supplier relationship

Connect with your suppliers, automate your purchasing and share your goals to identify and maximise mutual benefits.

Shared Goals

Share your goals and inventory with selected suppliers to build a connected relationship to maximise the shared goal to sell more

Automate Bills

Automate your purchase orders, bills and processes to ensure efficiency in your entire stock purchasing and supplier relationship.

Increase Efficiency

Easily order the right amount of stock at the right time and price, and have it delivered at the right location - all in a single clicks

Compliance & Visibility

Improving control to ensure buying from approved and preferred suppliers while staying on top of availabilities in the market.

Keep on top of your sales & purchases

Instantly see how much you received in sales across all of your channels & touch points, how much you paid out from anywhere, anytime

Join Channels

Join all of your channels and touch points from store, web and marketplaces and offer connected experiences to your customers.

Big Data Prep

Organise your transactional data to become data centric and make your data work for your business to drive growth.

Anywhere, Anytime

Personalise customer experience across all channels and touch points and give your staff customers and access to relevant information anywhere, anytime.


Automate transactions with chart of accounts as and when you sell or pay outs to ensure efficiency with your bookkeeping.

At Myda we are passionate about digitising businesses. We will help you to reduce your software cost, make your business data-ready, give all the tools your staff would need to get more customers, bring all of your data together and sell more - all from one place.

Start growing your business with myda

With tools to make every part of your business connected, become data centric and grow with a support team excited to help you, getting started with myda is simply a few clicks away.