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Inventory, EPOS, Promotions, Customer Management and more  in one package for your business

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The Future of Business Connectivity

Extend business opportunities by maximising the use of your data with Myda Business Manager.  From automating workflows, to tracking inventory, reducing downtime to customer management, evolve business connectivity at every touch point.

Empowering your business with efficient inventory management

From configuration to creating your own style variance, product management to sharing allergen ingredients, our inventory management platform offers comprehensive features enabling you to respond and record data bespoke to your business.

Keep your customer coming back

Give your customers an incentive to keep coming back with targeted promotions, discounts and special offers based on their shopping history.

Point of Customer Engagement, the next generation EPOS systems

Sell faster & smarter, optimise stock and make data-driven decisions to increase sales with our Point of Customer Engagement application, the next generation in ePOS system technologies, that can be used on-store or on the go.

Manage customers using the customer management tool that helps you grow

Deliver personalised service and sell faster and smarter with the configuration customer management software that helps you manage your customers based on behaviour.

Keep on top of your purchases and sales

Instantly see how much you paid out, received in sales and and how your business is performing from anywhere, anytime.

Intuitive & feature rich services that put you in control of your business & data

myda business manager comes with all the feature from effective user permission management, configuration of your services to  your business information management.

Empowering your business with intelligent inventory software

Unlike traditional software services, Myda Business Manager is a connected service that is business adaptable.  From workflow automation to centralising your commerce capabilities, our sustainable platform helps you to organise data in a way that works for your business and audiences.
Giving you:
• Feature-packed modular inventory
• Customer behaviour management (CRM redefined)
• Revenue management
• Unified commerce capabilities
• Workflow automation
• Multi-channel accessibility from any location

Success Stories

Myda platform is not only very user friendly & simple but could scale from POS through to supply chain, warehousing, customer orders, procurement, accounting and much much more and provide us the intelligence, updates and predictions real time.
Mohammed Iqbal
Managing Director, Fat Boyz
Has made the sales process slicker and more efficient, keeping our customers’ waiting time minimal and allowing our staff to attend to the next customer much quicker.
Zaneta Tracz
Employment Project Operational Lead, East London NHS Foundation Trust
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