Share what you have in-store with your customers

Consumers near you stores are searching & buying products you have in your store from e-commerce sites & Market places. Share your business information with consumers near your store & get orders.

Automate & Predict

Automate your business processes, order fulfilment and more, gain access to predictive intelligence on the go to run an efficient and smarter business - increasing your sales & profit.

Be in control of your business & customers

Gain access to all relevant information anywhere, anytime and manage your business & customers on the go.

Become a smart business.

Offer your customers discover your business, products, services & promotions whenever & wherever they want them - POS, Scan & Go, Online & Mobile.

Powerful products for your business

Consumers are increasingly connected. You may want to bring your business information, relevant products, services and promotions to them wherever they are so that they can get what they want whenever & wherever they want them.  We provide digital, automation & predictive tools to help businesses become agile, stay relevant & independent in today’s increasingly connected world.

In today’s increasingly connected world, shopping journeys start way before consumers visit your store, website or mobile app. Product information is available for consumers in a click. Myda Business Manager allows you to create inventory & touchpoints for each store you added with comprehensive product information and hare product information across all touchpoints. & channels. Myda Inventroy & Touchpoints are free for everyone.

Pick & choose inventory modules - raw materials, add-ons, allergy information, expiry date management and more

Create unlimited touchpoints (POS, Kiosk, Web, Mobile, Market place) and configure products, payments types, order types snd more.

Create unlimited products & multiple price types to support joint channel operations.

Share relevant information across all channels & touchpoints in a single click.

Myda Offers a free business profile with all the tools required to allow you to manage your business details, products & services you sell, promotions, customers and touchpoints to make your business information available in-store, online & mobile - enabling connected transactions.

Customisable workflows and automation functions to auto-pilot your business.

Put predictive and market intelligence in the hands of your team to act promptly.

Ensure the right products are at the right place & time with the right price to keep your customers coming back.

Gain access to the same level of capabilities and Artificial Intelligence tools to adapt and compete with online giants and marketplaces.

Customers are increasingly moving to businesses that offer convenience and personalised experiences. Myda POCE and Myda Super App let you offer your customers convenience and personalised experiences no matter where your customers and staff are and enable you to deliver what your customers want, whenever and wherever they want them.

Sales Assistant bot to help your staff sell more, increase customer retention and loyalty.

Enabling connected transactions with your customers, suppliers and accountant from sales to expenses.

Let customers shop in-store POS, Scan & Go, buy online & mobile for collection or delivery.

You and your team can engage with customers in-store and on the go, accept and fulfil orders instantly and efficiently.

Start running your business on Myda today.

Gain access to powerful business tools for free. Subscribe to insights & automations to increase sales.

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What our customers and press say

"The free tool helping shop owners stamp out staff theft"
Myda client
"Gives us the intelligence & predictions to grow and deliver personalised experiences across all channels"

Mohammad Iqbal

CEO, Fatboyz
"It was important to us to have a modern system that reflects the current industry standard, because we want our service users to develop transferrable skills that they can use when they apply for work in the community. Myda systems allow our service users to gain this experience, and to experience smart technology, that many have never been exposed to in any form previously."

Zaneta Tracz

Operational Lead, East London NHS Trust.
"Enables users to work quickly and effectively, supporting efficient high-speed operation. Has made the sales process slicker and more efficient, keeping our customers’ waiting time minimal. This allows service users to be more efficient. It has a mobile app and was easy to sign up for and use. Its layout is super user friendly, and getting reports is a breeze."

Louise McCombie

Occupational Therapist, Vocational Hub